Since 1968, the plant has been producing a wide range of equipment for organizing the safety of mining operations, but being born in Kuzbass, it pays special attention to the production of safety equipment for the coal mining industry.


The plant specializes in solutions to non-standard situations of any complexity for the mining and processing industries, each of which requires innovative approaches.


The enterprise is equipped with specialized equipment that allows you to create the most effective means for the safety of mining operations. During the construction of air heating units, it acts as a coordinating partner in a consortium of enterprises, which allows us to carry out a full cycle of work on organizing heat supply from the project to commissioning and warranty service. The customer receives a turnkey air heating unit.

Of funds

Our products surpass domestic and foreign counterparts in terms of ensuring the safety of mining operations, inferior to them in terms of manufacturing and installation costs. A number of unique projects have been developed, including the only "dry" mine air heating technology in Russia.


The main purpose of the KEZSB equipment is to prevent emergencies in the mining industry. Every moment of our work we are looking for opportunities to make mining safer and better.

Main directions of activity

- Heat supply of industrial enterprises

- Serial products for the coal industry and rescue operations

- Non-standard industrial equipment

The plant produces 101 models of industrial equipment certified according to GOST Rosstandart, ISO and CU technical regulations.

The equipment produced by the plant ensures compliance with the relevant points of the "Safety Rules in Coal Mines", "Safety Rules for the Development of Coal Deposits in an Open Way" and basin instructions.


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