Products and services

Fire fighting equipment

Products designed to protect against fires, dosed supply of solutions, silting up mine workings, preventing the spread of underground fires and eliminating fires in mine workings.

Dust suppression equipment

Products designed to work in dust suppression systems in industries characterized by intense dust emission, air dedusting, irrigation of dust centers.

Electrical equipment and electrical protection

Products designed to monitor the grounding circuit, protect people from electric shock and disconnect the electrical network when the insulation resistance drops, check the insulation of explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Ventilation of mine workings, degassing

Оборудование, предназначенное для разгазирования тупиковых, подготовительных выработок, отвода газовоздушной смеси, изменения направления воздушного потока системы вентиляции шахтных выработок.

Средства предупреждения самовозгорания угля, выбросоопасности, определения свойств угля

Equipment designed to control the development of the spontaneous combustion of coal, determine the strength coefficient of coal and the strength properties of coal in the face by the express method.

Mine rescue equipment and personal protective equipment

Equipment designed to maintain the ventilation regime, promptly connect to mine water mains, store backup respirators and exclude the impact of harmful factors in emergency situations.